Fountain Square – A Story of Two Weddings

This wedding story is double trouble.  Soul Street was honored to rock out the weddings of two of our band members a few years ago at the grand and historic Fountain Square Theatre.  We performed for Jack, our bassist, and his lovely bride Beth and also for Eric, our trombonist, vocalist/MC, and his lovely bride Stephanie.

Jack and Beth – May 2012
At Jack and Beth’s wedding Soul Street took the stage and looked out into a crowd of family and friends who came to party the reception into the night.  It was epic…. with everyone moving to the groove.  At one point the groom himself jumped up on stage to “guest” sit in on one number, and of course Jack brought down the house.

The beautiful couple surrounded by friends, family, and musical family had an unforgettable reception.  Thanks for letting Soul Street be a part of it!


Eric and Stephanie’s wedding came a couple years after Soul Street played
Jack’s and Beth’s wedding at the Fountain Square Theatre.  

Eric and Stephanie – Oct 201410451695_10204401032617382_6662415179719854267_n



Eric & Stephanie decided to have their wedding ceremony in the theatre, followed by hors d’oeuvres upstairs while the tables were brought out onto the floor, and then meal and reception.  These transitions went very smoothly….. and music was a part of it all.

During the wedding ceremony various Soul Street musicians and vocalists performed special music for the blessed couple and Eric joined in on one especially meaningful number with a wonderful vocal rendition.  After the ceremony when friends and family enjoyed hors d’oeuvres the Soul Street light jazz combo played in the balcony to set the  fitting ambiance music.

And later into the night the reception rocked with a full Soul Street performance so everyone could enjoy each others’ company, dancing and celebrating the evening.


 Thanks for letting Soul Street be a part of these momentous
events at this significant point in your lives.