Indiana State Museum Reception

Back home again in Indiana could have been the backstory for this stunning wedding reception.  That’s because in September 2015 it was held at the Indiana State Museum.


The room was alive with the congratulatory rollicking, speeches and toasts, hugs and love.
Then after eating, Soul Street started rocking the museum.  That night the forecast was for a severe outbreak of festive partying!  Early on, the time was just right for a rousing Soul Street rendition of “Hava Nagila”…. and then the chair dance broke out and the party kicked up a notch and went full throttle.  Bride and groom lifted high on chairs with music, dance, friends and family all enjoying each other, the music, the night.



It was an amazing celebration!

What could be better than dining and drinking,
singing and dancing with family and friends? 



The Couples’ Loving Embrace


Video Credits: MKweddingstory