Indianapolis Public Library Jazz Combo and Reception

“Shhhhh” says the librarian, “Quiet, people are reading.”…… but not on a star-crossed night in October 2014.  That very night at the Indianapolis Public Library there was no chance of a quite studious atmosphere.  That night, as the reception raucously and gloriously celebrated the love and lives of our bride and groom, wedding party, friends and family we find Soul Street filling the atmosphere with the funk and soulful expressions of music.  Dancing and fantastic good times materialized!


But before the full-on celebration happened, guests arrived for dinner, and in the ante room our Soul Street light jazz horn combo entertained from the balcony surrounded by stacks of old books and reading rooms.  The guests gathered for cocktails and enjoyed the relaxed ambiance before being brought into the main hall for dinner and partying.

The table favors and decor were decidedly library-esque…. book centerpieces,
flowers and more were in the middle of each table.  Unique and beautiful.

Soon after eating, the celebration began and before the night ended not only was there energetic dancing, laughing, and jollity, but each father of bride and groom came up to perform special numbers with the band……

One father playing trumpet the other father singing.  It was magical.


We sincerely appreciate this very kind review from our celebrated couple
Soul Street is fantastic!! They are one of the biggest reasons our wedding was such a hit with our guests. They are incredibly talented musicians and make music fun. They play music that is great for all ages (from 70 to 21). They were absolutely wonderful to work with and I HIGHLY recommend them.


Photo Credits: (c) Nathaniel Edmunds Photograpy